My Story

Since I was very young, I loved working hard and I loved adventure. Snow cone and lemonade stands, mowing lawns, paper routes. Skate boarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, body boarding, snowboarding, backpacking. 


I joined the National Ski Patrol, I drove an ambulance, I was a missionary in Mexico City for 2 years. I was a fire fighter. 

I survived dyslexia to earn a bachelor degree and a MBA. I was recruited to be a FBI Special Agent. My FBI career included:

  • Working public corruption matters.
  • Conducting undercover operations.
  • Seizing money and drugs from Mexican Drug Cartels.
  • Working Counter Terrorism matters including the San Bernardino shooting.
  • Guarding the US attorney general.
  • Serving as a tactical medic.
  • Working in the Behavioral Analysis Unit. 

Despite my professional experiences, things were NOT OKAY at home. 

My life included:

  • 2 divorces.
  • My two small children moving out of state and being turned against me. 
  • Emotional abuse. 
  • Attempts to alienate me from my children from the second relationship. 
  • I was fired from the FBI after making a whistleblower complaint to the DOJ. 

I felt depressed, afraid, isolated, hopeless. I was financially and spiritually ruined. 

In my decade long search for relief, I found coaching. I always knew even the best athletes needed a coach. My life was unmanageable. I could not do this alone. As I began coaching I felt hope again. That hope fueled positive change in my relationships, health, and wealth. I know how to feel peace now. I love my life again. I have hope again. Things aren’t perfect but I know how to feel better. That is priceless to me. 

As I coach myself, I know how to help others discover this also. And I can show my clients how to do this in just a few weeks instead of the decade or more it took me. 

You will learn from my mistakes. I know how you feel. You need me on your side.